It is important to run your mission-critical business processes and applications on a flexible and scalable platform. Harness the power of hyper scalers and become a cloud-first enterprise to compete in a fast-paced and digital world. 

Cloud demands are growing exponentially, every day brings modern technology. To stay one step ahead, fresh skill sets are needed. Talent that is agile, scalable, and growth-focused is in high demand.

It is time to get a team like XDC Global on board. We understand your struggles. We are connected to the right people. And committed to matching you with the best cloud talent for your project.

We regularly place the following Cloud Engineer positions:

  • Cloud Engineer Cloud Architect Cloud Developer  
  • Cloud System Operations Administrator
  • Cloud Product Manager
  • Cloud Automation Engineer   
  • DevOps Engineer  
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers

Our candidates are proficient in the following technologies: 

  • APPLICATION Modernization

Leverage XDC’s State of the Art Cloud Operations Center – 24 / 7

Whether you currently use traditional data centers, virtualized environments, on/off-prem private clouds, public clouds, or hybrid clouds – XDC Cloud Operations Center provides the ideal platform to provision, configure, secure, monitor, and manage your applications and infrastructure – all while enabling your transformation to a seamless Hybrid Cloud experience.

XDC Cloud Operations Center is staffed by highly skilled public cloud professionals who specialize in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Dedicated to continually monitoring your environment, they are poised to identify and resolve any event or critical issue that may arise regarding your public cloud infrastructure or services

Our Advantage

  • 24/7 support
  • Real-time problem detection and remediation
  • Guaranteed SLAs and rapid response
  • Ongoing development of best practice playbook
  • Have complete control over your workloads and service demands
  • Dedicated Account Manager regular reviews & long-range planning